Excerpt from Chapter 15

Published June 29, 2018

When Elise went into labor prematurely, her sister, Tracy Carter, feared the worse. She and James sat in a waiting room at the hospital and stared at the walls. Her eyes stopped at a painting of a flower. She gazed at it for a while but couldn’t describe it if someone asked her to. James stood every few minutes, paced one side of the room, and then mumbled to himself. When he sat, he rocked back and forth, making Tracy’s muscles tighten in her neck and her back.

Elise’s doctor walked into the room. He addressed them in a soft, steady voice.

“It’s a boy. He’s early but stable and doing well.”

His tone remained calm as he continued.

“We’ll do all we can to save Elise.”

Tracy and James stood side by side. Tracy believed everything would be fine. She had faith. Although the doctor’s words were clear, she blocked them. She couldn’t fathom what he was saying.