Excerpt from Chapter 13

Published June 23, 2018


Nicholas “Chickenneck” Anderson never got to know his mother.

He never knew that his mother, Elise, had loved his father, James, more
than she could describe in words. From the time, she first saw him, she knew.
She was strutting down the school corridor and chatting with a friend when
a handsome guy as big as a grizzly bear passed by. The first thing that caught
her eye was his height, and his eyes were the second. The look he gave her
said it all. The attraction was immediate.

Elise and James married and were expecting their first child within the
first year of their marriage. She was so overjoyed that she felt like shouting in
the streets. She yearned to be a mother and a good wife. James loved her but
never understood that her need to be a mother was just as important as being
a wife.