Excerpt from Chapter 12

Published June 20, 2018

After his block-out at the bus stop, Bruce took mental inventory of all
the things he had seen during the episodes. He didn’t recognize any
of the people he had seen. The places looked familiar, although the
images weren’t from the present.

As Bruce dressed for work one morning, the room turned sweltering,
with humidity like the hottest day in August. The summer street smell filtered
through him—the unmistakable odor of dirt and humidity. It was on
everyone’s clothes and in their hair when they came home from work or
school on those hot days. As soon as he gulped in a breath of street smell, he
felt the push forward and found himself sitting on a stoop.

A driver honked his horn nonstop. “Watch it! Stupid kids!” he yelled as
he nearly ran over one of the kids crossing the street. He impatiently waited
for the light while some other kids ran in front of his car and made funny
faces at him, which caused him to curse more.