Excerpt from Chapter 9

Published June 11, 2018

One morning Bruce sat at his desk at work with a cup of coffee, feeling
as though he couldn’t open his eyes. His body ached and his eyes
burned. He took a sip from his cup, but instead of tasting coffee, he
tasted bubble gum. The sweetness infiltrated his taste buds as he blew a bubble.
Looking at his computer screen, he found himself staring at a boy instead
of his screen saver. The kid staring back at him wore a striped red T-shirt and
had short hair parted on one side.

“Chickenneck, look in the bag. My dad got us all kinds of candy! Take
some more. Look, look in the bag!” the boy said.

The air was warm. Bruce was no longer in his office; cars went by, and
people rushed past him. His head bent down to look at various treats in the
bag, including banana taffy, caramels, necklaces made of candy, bubble gum,
candy cigarettes, small circular colored candies, and chocolate coins wrapped
in gold paper. The kid nudged Bruce’s shoulder lightly.