Excerpt from Chapter 8

Published June 8, 2018

After Duke’s party, Bruce finally accepted that the block-outs weren’t
stopping anytime soon. What he couldn’t figure out was why they
were happening in the first place.

He didn’t feel sick. He had no peculiar physical symptoms. He just
needed to find the means to deal with them. Somehow, he had to continue
to act normally in front of everyone. He couldn’t afford to unravel by falling
apart and lose all he had, like Mama Lila did. There had to be a reason the
block-outs were happening. Repeatedly asking himself why wasn’t resolving
anything. Talking aloud to himself lately was routine.

He said, “You can keep this secret.”

His mind was rattled. As agitated as he was, Bruce was convinced he
could continue to mask it from everyone around him. At least, he hoped so.
His inner self was attempting to justify it.