Published June 29, 2018
When Elise went into labor prematurely, her sister, Tracy Carter, feared the worse. She and James sat in a waiting room at the hospital …
Published June 26, 2018
James Anderson didn’t have many friends or family he was close to. He never
shared his feelings about his wife with anyone.
He …
Published June 23, 2018
Nicholas “Chickenneck” Anderson never got to know his mother.
He never knew that his mother, Elise, had loved his father, James, more
than …
Published June 20, 2018
After his block-out at the bus stop, Bruce took mental inventory of all
the things he had seen during the episodes. He didn’t recognize …
Published June 17, 2018
On his way home one evening, Bruce stopped to pick up something to
eat. While crossing the street, he sensed his hearing slipping away. …
Published June 14, 2018
Concealing his situation was disturbing. Bruce never kept secrets from
his family and friends. Not being able to share the scary thing he was
Published June 11, 2018
One morning Bruce sat at his desk at work with a cup of coffee, feeling
as though he couldn’t open his eyes. His body …
Published June 8, 2018
After Duke’s party, Bruce finally accepted that the block-outs weren’t
stopping anytime soon. What he couldn’t figure out was why they
were happening in …
Published June 5, 2018
Duke’s birthday was coming up. His girlfriend, Sunny organized a surprise
birthday party. She made Bruce promise to keep it a secret.
Sunny was …
Published June 2, 2018
A couple of weeks passed without incident. Perhaps lack of sleep
caused the block-outs. Would Bruce become another tabloid story of
bizarre occurrences like …