Published June 29, 2018
When Elise went into labor prematurely, her sister, Tracy Carter, feared the worse. She and James sat in a waiting room at the hospital …
Published June 26, 2018
James Anderson didn’t have many friends or family he was close to. He never
shared his feelings about his wife with anyone.
He …
Published June 23, 2018
Nicholas “Chickenneck” Anderson never got to know his mother.
He never knew that his mother, Elise, had loved his father, James, more
than …
Published June 20, 2018
After his block-out at the bus stop, Bruce took mental inventory of all
the things he had seen during the episodes. He didn’t recognize …
Published June 17, 2018
On his way home one evening, Bruce stopped to pick up something to
eat. While crossing the street, he sensed his hearing slipping away. …
Published June 14, 2018
Concealing his situation was disturbing. Bruce never kept secrets from
his family and friends. Not being able to share the scary thing he was